About us

The purpose of this blog is to spread the word about something that our predecessors in divorce could only dream of. It is something that is badly needed, long awaited, and very much overdue.

It is the secret to a friendly divorce.

The blog will unveil and discuss the special things that we must say and do (and not say and do) to persuade our soon-to-be ex to agree to sensible and affordable out-of-court settlement.

It centers on a remarkable and proven professional negotiation strategy that saves divorcing parties and their families from unnecessary pain and expense.

My blog is for reasonable people who want their divorce to be reasonable.

In addition, and as part of our job, divorce lawyers are in a unique position to learn other innovative insights that can also provide immense help to divorcing couples.

These ideas are not generally or readily available to the public. Most relate to little-known or newly revealed expert advice for helping your children, or for helping you cope with the aftermath of infidelity (from both perspectives), or they offer other remarkable insights to make your divorce experience less painful. This blog aims to share each of these with you.

Some of this information not only helps to minimize the trauma and expense of divorce, it also enables you to control the length, outcome, and cost of your divorce.

My duty is to pass these newly revealed, little-publicized hints on to you. We know they will help and we sincerely wish you every success.

Nancy Kirby